Appendix: PhD Portfolio & Curriculum Vitae

PhD Portfolio

Name PhD student: Nicole S. Erler
Department: Department of Biostatistics
Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam
PhD period: 2014 – 2018
Promotors: Prof.dr. Dimitris Rizopoulos
Prof.dr. Emmanuel M.E.H. Lesaffre


year ECTS
at international conferences
35th ISCB conference, Vienna, Austria 2014 1.0
5th IBC Channel Meeting, Nijmegen, the Netherlands 2015 1.0
8th IBS EMR conference, Kapadokya, Turkey 2015 1.0
36th ISCB conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands 2015 1.0
28th IBS conference, Victoria, Canada 2016 1.0
37th ISCB conference, Birmingham, United Kingdom 2016 1.0
Joint Modeling and Beyond, Hasselt, Belgium 2016 1.0
9th IBS EMR conference, Thessaloniki, Greece 2017 1.0
38th ISCB conference, Vigo, Spain 2017 1.0
29th IBS conference, Barcelona, Spain 2018 1.0
Heidelberger Kolloquium, Heidelberg, Germany 2015 1.0
Erasmus Statistics Day, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2016 1.0


year ECTS
Missing Values in Clinical Research (EP16), NIHES 2018 15
SPSS practical, MSc Medicine, Erasmus MC 2014 – 2018 1.3
Biostatistical Methods II (EP03), NIHES 2014 – 2018 1.4
Repeated Measurements (CE08), NIHES 2016 1.0


year ECTS
GAMLSS in Action (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) 2014 0.6
INLA (IBC Channel Meeting, Nijmegen) 2015 0.1
Causal Questions and Principled Answers (ISCB, Vigo, Spain) 2017 0.3
Microbiomics I (MolMed, Erasmus MC) 2017 0.6
Bayesian non-parametric methods (Leuven, Belgium) 2017 1.0
Scientific Integrity (Erasmus MC) 2017 0.3
Network Meta Analysis with R (IBC, Barcelona, Spain) 2018 0.3
Bayesian Parametric and Nonparametric Methods for Missing Data and Causal Inference (Leuven, Belgium) 2018 1.0
DSMB training: To stop or not to stop, is that the question? (Erasmus MC) 2018 0.1

Seminars and Workshops

year ECTS
Erasmus MC bi-weekly Biostatistics / CQM seminar 2014 – 2018 1.0
Erasmus MC bi-weekly ErasmusAGE seminar 2014 – 2017 1.0
BMS-Aned Meeting, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2014 0.2
BMS-Aned Meeting, Leiden, the Netherlands 2017 0.2
BMS-Aned Meeting, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2017 0.2
BMS-Aned Meeting, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 2018 0.2


year ECTS
Statistical consultant in the Erasmus MC CPO system 2014 – 2018 16.0

Curriculum Vitae


since 2014 PhD in Biostatistics
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2013 – 2014 DSc Epidemiology
Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2006 – 2012 Diplom Statistics
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich, Germany

Work Experience

since 03/2013 Scientific Researcher
Department of Biostatistics, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
12/2012 – 02/2013 Scientific Researcher
Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute,
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
11/2010 – 06/2011 Student Assistant
Central Examination Office for Natural Sciences, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München,
Munich, Germany
07/2008 – 11/2010 Student Assistant to Prof. Dr. Augustin
Department of Statistics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich, Germany


2016 Student Award of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics
2015 Student Award of the International Biometric Society (Eastern Mediterranean Region)

Collaborations and Consulting

since 2017 Collaboration with the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Erasmus Medical Center
statistical support for the planning and analysis of clinical trials, preparation of scientific manuscripts, analysis of data with advanced statistical methods
since 2014 Statistical consultant in the Consultation Center for Patient Oriented research, Erasmus Medical Center
providing statistical support to researchers within the Erasmus Medical Center
2013 – 2017 Collaboration with ErasmusAGE
(research group within the Department of Epidemiology, Erasmus Medical Center)
providing statistical support and collaboration on various research projects with focus on nutrition, lifestyle and healthy ageing


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